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 Clan Inferno

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PostSubject: Clan Inferno   Clan Inferno EmptyFri Jan 14, 2011 9:57 am

Lineage2: Goddess of Destruction, Shilen

Clan: Infernium
Level: 6
Rank: Top 52
Leaders: Skaista, Koll, DonChris
Members: 30
Alliance: None
Base: None
Academy: Sparks
1st Royal Guard: None
2nd Royal Guard: None
1st Order of Knights: None
2nd Order of Knights: None
3rd Order of Knights: None
4th Order of Knights: None
War Status: At Peace

DonChris - Noblesse Wynn Arcana Lord 91 / Yul Sagittarius 85 / Storm Screamer 80 / Shillien Saint 80
Ketu - Iss Hierophant 87
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Clan Inferno
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